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The rights, safety, and well-being of human subjects are the most important considerations in clinical research studies, and should prevail over interests of science. Monitoring Serious Adverse Event (SAE) & Serious Unexpected Adverse Event Reaction (SUSAR) enforces this commitment of Medical Research and Ethics Committee (MREC) to subject safety. MREC has to ensure that SAE’s are reported as per protocol and their significance assessed.

Acknowledging this, the MREC SAE Sub-Committee was formed in June 2013 for the purpose of monitoring & reviewing SAE’s & SUSAR’s in MREC approved sites. The committee consists of clinical pharmacist and medical members who are officially elected by the Chairman of MREC for a period of 2 years. Below is the list of SAE Sub-committee members for the years 2020-2021.

Serious Adverse Event Sub-Committee List 2021

No. Name Institution
01. Chew Chun Keat Ampang Hospital
02. Ching Shan Lii Kuala Lumpur Hospital
03. Chun Geok Ying Ampang Hospital
04. Teh Hoon Shien Ampang Hospital
05 Cheah kit Yee Ampang Hospital
06. Dr. Christie Machial National Institutes of Health
07 Dr. Lam Mynn Dee National Institutes of Health
08 Dr. Asyraf Syahmi Mohd Noor National Institutes of Health
09 Mah Kar Yee Ampang Hospital